The Black Plague

On May 23 @ Kickstarter

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1347 is a BoardGame,

based on betting / wagering and action programming mechanics. The goal of the game is to become the greatest plague doctor of the infected town!

The Black Death arrives via Eastern trade routes, bringing suffering and misery to the towns and countryside. No one is safe from the plague.

The sole hope for relief from a slow and painful death lies in the hands of the plague doctors, men trained inmedicine and healing, without fear of contagion, and not averse to cutting through the odd bone to defeat it. Dressed in black cloaks, and masks stuffed with vinegar-rags and spice, the surgeons roam the Burgus streets searching for the infected. To these they offer salvation, saving their flsh from death, while gaining prestige with the princely court and - why not? - one or two shiny coins!

Will you prove yourselves as valorous surgeons?

Will you expandyour inflence with good works, draining infected swamps and building plague hospitals? Or will you give in to the facts of life, and death, raking in whatever coins you happen to fid?

Feudalism and Freedom

Feudalism and Freedom is a community about history (especially middle-ages) and humour which is very popular in Italy (more than 600.000 fans on facebook and 40000 on instagram).



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